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Telling Our Story
The Gallup-HOPE Index will elevate the larger conversation in education to include noncognitive assessments that help leaders in education and business understand the relationship students have with their teachers and shed light on their emotional attachment to the broader community. Furthermore, this new index will underscore the importance of using positive metrics to help guide public policy and business strategy in the 21st century. It will also showcase the critical necessity for community support in advancing the needs of the whole child.
In the Beginning
Originally labeled the Gallup-Operation HOPE Financial Literacy Index (GOHFLI), both organizations set out to measure Financial Literacy in relationship to Hope, Wellbeing, and Engagement (as measured in the existing Gallup Student Poll). In 2010, 10 additional assessment items were added to the Gallup Student Poll and implemented to over 70,000 youth grades 5th - 12th as part of the national polling of the Gallup Student Poll. The scientific methodology included a convenience sampling methodology. 
Early Findings in 2010
Key Results:
  • Hopeful students are approximately 4 times more likely to qualify as financially literate than discouraged students                        
  • Engaged students are approximately 4 times more likely to qualify as financially literate than actively disengaged students
  • Thriving students are approximately 4 times more likely to qualify as financially literate than suffering students
Social Scientific Conclusions: 
  • Researchers found there is a relationship between hope, engagement, and wellbeing and financial literacy as measured by the GOHFLI
Evolution of the Index and Where We Stand Today
The organizations have not changed, however we are now involving an expanded pool of experts from both organizations as this Index is quickly becoming a top priority project for both organizations. 
Expanding the outlook and economic predictions of the importance of youth, Gallup and HOPE have expanded the scope of the assessment items to create a “super index” that provides a larger cross section of insight into youth benchmarks and potential success in meeting the economic performance required globally. Ten financial literacy assessment items were crafted as an evolution of the original financial literacy items developed in the Gallup-Operation HOPE Financial Literacy Index. 
Beginning in April 2011, both organizations committed to the strengthened direction of the Index. Since that time, both organizations have been working hard to communicate and deliver the information (current findings and anticipated future learnings) to the economic and education systems of the United States. 
The better statement is “everywhere”. Our intent is to expand the target audience polled to include a representative sample of the people of the United States. Through telephone polling technology, data collection experts can quickly position themselves to gather data in all corners of the the United States. 
We can audit the entrepreneurial spirit and financial knowledge that exists in schools today. Capturing this type of knowledge provides the appropriate foundation for intervention selection and implementation. The expansion of the Index allows us an opportunity to look at the totality of the issue, rather than a slice of the problem.
Rapidly becoming the social scientific experts to the world, the Gallup Organization is placing a great deal of energy and best-in class thought leaders and scientists to evolving the assessment and interpreting the results. The Index will be implemented via telephone polling that the Gallup Organization will implement data collection by telephone polling utilizing the same telephone methodology that they initiate on a daily basis for other research initiatives. Identification of households will be targeted at households with reported youth in the home. This methodology opens new possibilities and growth for the Index beyond today’s imagination and plans.