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Volunteer Opportunities 

Volunteers with the Youth Empowerment Division can teach programming in class, act as a Pitch Competition Judge or as a Business Role Model.

Teaching a Class

A volunteer facilitates the Banking On Our Future and HOPE Business In A Box Academies classroom programs at schools and community-based organizations. This is not a sales pitch opportunity, but an opportunity for volunteers to educate and inspire our youth with the tools they need to succeed in life. A classroom teacher or group coordinator will be present during the program to help with classroom discipline. Volunteers facilitate the programs using HOPE’s curriculum, but also weave in their own life experiences to ensure the programs are fun, relevant and engaging for the youth. 

This volunteer opportunity requires 3-5 hours of commitment. 

Pitch Competition Judges

Volunteers can act as Pitch Competition Judges for the HOPE Business In A Box Academies program.  Students pitch their business ideas in front of their class and then in front of their school.  Pitch Competition Judges utilize tools created by HOPE to assess the students’ performance and business idea. 

This volunteer opportunity requires 2-3 hours of commitment.  

Business Role Models

A volunteer can act as a Business Role Model (BRM) for the HOPE Business In A Box Academies program. The role of the BRM is to support a student who has won a school wide pitch competition in his or her school. BRM’s are to meet one on one with their young entrepreneur or group of entrepreneurs for ten 1-hour sessions. The BRM and student can meet at the school of the young entrepreneurs, at a public location (a library, recreation center, coffee shop, etc.) or at times remotely over the phone or Internet. The BRM is to follow the Business Start Up Volunteer Guide and the Young Entrepreneur Business Start Up Guide to ensure that the young entrepreneur completes their final business plan and start up grant application. 

This volunteer opportunity requires 10 hours of commitment.