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The 5MK Initiative

The FIVE MILLION KIDS Initiative (5MK) is a national initiative focused on creating a mainstream financial literacy movement in America by joining organizations and leaders across the country to bring financial literacy to five million youth and adults.  At its core 5MK is a national campaign to re-brand education in the minds and hearts of young people.  One of the key reasons children are dropping out of high school is because they don’t see education as relevant to their future and they do not have positive role models active in their lives.  When your role models advocate success through music and sports it creates the notion that finishing high school does not have any value for your life.

Children need to see and interact with adults every day that serve as examples of what they can become.  When children do not have role models in their communities, overwhelmingly, they think success in any form is for someone else.  5MK will lead a movement to “Make Smart Cool” by using financial literacy to show young people that school is relevant.  Using celebrities to testify to the importance of education, providing entrepreneurship education to students, giving them a practical lesson in the language of money, and economically empowering their parents 5MK takes a multi-pronged approach to help put an end to the soaring high school dropout rates that are crippling the communities of this nation.

Led by co-chairs Ambassador Andrew Young, Civil Rights icon and senior advisor to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; and music icon Quincy Jones, 5MK seeks to inspire families and get communities involved in the lives of our youth in a tangible way.

Any individual or organization can get involved in 5MK by making a pledge of action toward one or more of the following objectives.  If you are doing work to advance the cause of financial literacy in America we want you to join the movement.

  • Empower 5,000,000 low-wealth youth and adults with financial literacy education

  • Open 50,000 savings accounts for youth

  • Open 50,000 savings accounts for adults

  • Secure $50,000,000 in earned income tax credit for qualifying adults

  • Engage 250,000 volunteers to teach financial literacy in the classroom and community

5MK will create a platform for a new, dynamic conversation around financial literacy in America.  It will create the opportunity for our business, government, community, and educational leaders to come together to devise and implement innovative solutions to increase the relevance of financial literacy in America and show the world the power of collective action.

Get involved. 

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