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January 01 2007

U.S. Securities & Exchange Commissioner Paul S. Atkins Advises Kids Not to Put All Their Eggs in One Basket

Banking on Our Future Brings HOPE to Youth at Parkside Elementary School

 ATLANTA, GA – February 19, 2007 U.S. Securities & Exchange Commissioner, Paul S. Atkins, visited the Parkside Elementary School in Atlanta to lead an executive teaching session of Banking on Our Future for fourth and fifth graders on Tuesday, February 6.

Using eggs and chocolates, Atkins demonstrated how investing can work for or against you. “Kids understand more about financial issues than we sometimes give them credit for understanding,” said Commissioner Atkins. “With a little basic training early on we can prepare kids today to be the money savvy investors of tomorrow.”

Commissioner Atkins believes in the importance of youth financial literacy; citing that early education is key to a strong economy. The kids took great delight in the commissioner’s demonstrations, including one that stressed the importance of diversification using eggs and plastic Ziploc bags.  In another part of his presentation, lucky students found themselves reaping the chocolates as a reward for a ‘sweet’ investment.
Operation HOPE’s award-winning, on-the-ground financial literacy, Banking on Our Future program,  is designed to inspire and empower inner-city kids by teaching them the basics of banking, earning income, budgeting, saving and investing. Nearly 3,600 students have completed the training since the program was initiated in the Atlanta metro area in 2004 and over 210,000 youth nationwide have been educated since the programs’ inception in 1996.