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June 01 2005

LeVar Burton Helps Operation HOPE Promote Financial Literacy and Education at Thomas Bradley Charter Magnet School

LOS ANGELES (June 1, 2005)—Actor LeVar Burton and Operation HOPE’s founder, Chairman and CEO  John Bryant, brought together more than 250 students at an inspirational pep rally at Thomas Bradley Charter Magnet school. 

Burton and Bryant spoke to the K- through fifth-grade students about the importance of money management skills and success.  They then led a “Life 101” executive teaching session, in which Burton and Bryant shared personal stories of life and finance with a smaller group of students (see photo.)

This was one stop in the nationwide Banking On Our Future Across America (BOOFAA) program—Operation HOPE’s financial literacy marathon across America.  Burton, StarTrek star and longtime Reading Rainbow show host said, “As someone who has been working for children’s literacy for over 19 years I couldn’t be more pleased than to be working for such an important cause. Training kids to be responsible with their money is as important as teaching them to read.”

Banking On Our Future Across America’s objective is to educate 16,000 youth before the end of 2005, involving 1,000 HOPE Corps volunteer members and culminating in the education of the 161,000 youth in the program to-date. Ultimately, the program’s goal is to teach financial literacy to youth, ages 8–18, empowering them to take control of their financial futures by understanding the basics of banking: how to open and maintain a checking and savings account; as well as information about the power of credit and basic investments.