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July 21 2015

"Sew What Baby" Helps Kids Learn to Sew

"Sew What Baby" week-long sewing camp is coming to a close today at HOPE Inside Ebenezer. We were so grateful to have Ms. Barbara Russell join us in providing this camp, at no charge, for an entire week. She provided all the sewing supplies needed, including six sewing/embroidery machines, over 1000 yards of fabric, and of course all the scissors, buttons and additional accessories. The students were provided with intense instruction on measurement, pattern design, hand sewing and machine operation. The result was more than they expected, as you can read in the testimonies listed below. They even completed their first "paid" job; a hemmed shirt for HOPE's very own Darrick Graham. This is just another fantastic example of HOPE Inside Ebenezer extending its reach and further nurturing the spirit of youth entrepreneurship.

"I learned that when you use a Brother machine, you can only use shiny thread and you can embroider your name on your clothes by letting the machine do it all by itself." - Jade

"My experience was amazing. We learned so many things from cutting patterns, to making purses and dresses. I loved that it was so hands-on. Can you believe on the first day we made a Vogue dress pattern? Ms. Barbara is truly an excellent teacher. I am so glad she dedicated her time to teach us how to sew. She truly is a blessing!" - Asia

"I felt this class was very helpful, not only in sewing but in life too. You taught me how to sew and I love it! I will be at home sewing lots of things. Thank you!" - Olivia

"The sewing camp was fun over the week. I have some ideas on how we could get kids to learn even more next time, because there WILL be a next time, right?" - Janelle

"The sewing camp was one of the best camps ever. Thank you so much!" - Jordan