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June 05 2014

Monica Mehta, Finance Expert, Joins Operation HOPE as Project 5117 Ambassador

Los Angeles – June 5, 2014 – John Hope Bryant, Operation HOPE CEO, announced today that Monica Mehta, finance expert, investor, author and frequent media contributor will represent the financial literacy non-profit organization as an Operation HOPE Project 5117 Ambassador.

In her role as Ambassador, Mehta will share the Operation HOPE mission and message of financial empowerment and inclusion. Project 5117 will deliver a memo and a manual of financial literacy to the poor, the working class and the struggling middle class of America, with the ultimate goal of strengthening and saving capitalism.  A longtime proponent of entrepreneurship, Ms. Mehta, hopes to inspire America’s youth to become small business owners. 

Ms. Mehta is a frequent contributor on CNN, Fox News, Bloomberg TV, MSNBC, INC Magazine and Bloomberg BusinessWeek. She is the author of The Entrepreneurial Instinct (McGraw-Hill, Sept 2012).  She offers cultural commentary on money — how it impacts the economy, politics and our ability to lead entrepreneurial lives. 

Project 5117 is supported by a national alliance with the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and with the ongoing support of the American Bankers Association, the FDIC, Financial Services Roundtable, US Small Business Administration and the Mortgage Bankers Association. It picks up the poverty eradication work of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and focuses on helping those who earn less than $50,000 a year. Led by co-chairs Dr. Bernice King, Ambassador Andrew Young and John Hope Bryant, Project 5117 is supported by a broad range of services, from homeownership counseling, to credit card debt management, a program that helps those with low credit scores raise their score to 700, and the comprehensive entrepreneurship-training course HOPE Business In A Box Academies.

Ms. Mehta is currently a managing principal at Texas based investment firm Seventh Capital and has 16 years of hands-on experience managing capital and running consumer businesses. Monica has also written finance columns for Bloomberg BusinessWeek, INC Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine. Monica appears on Real Time with Bill Maher, O’Reilly Factor, The Adam Carolla Show, CNN, Fox News Cavuto, Fox & Friends, Fox Business, MSNBC, Bloomberg TV, Al-Jazeera America and ABC News.  Her advice has been covered by Forbes, The New York Times, Yahoo Finance and recommended by The Small Business Administration. 

Monica’s first book The Entrepreneurial Instinct: How Everyone Has the Innate Ability to Start a Successful Small Business (McGraw-Hill | 2012) explores the role of behavior and brain science in our ability to take entrepreneurial risks, be adaptable and bounce back after failure.  The book received praise from the CEO Mastercard, former CEO Comp USA, former CEO Borders Books, The Wharton School, Dartmouth Tuck, a Federal economist, INC Magazine, Bloomberg TV, among others and was awarded Best Start-up Book of 2012 by Small Business Trends, Finalist for Best Book of 2012 in Business & Economics by Foreword Reviews and Best Book of 2012 by the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

About Operation HOPE, Inc.

Since its inception in 1992, HOPE, a global nonprofit focused on financial dignity, has empowered more than 2 million individuals and directed more than $1.5 billion in private capital to America's low-wealth communities. It has recruited a growing army of 20,000 HOPE Corps volunteers, and helped raise average credit scores for financial case management clients more than 120 points over an average 18-month period. It currently serves more than 300 U.S. cities, as well as South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and most recently, the United Arab Emirates. Currently HOPE is focused on Project 5117, a multi-year initiative that will track and increase business role models for youth, boost credit scores for adults, and empower underserved communities, as a part of its “silver rights” mission to make free enterprise work for everyone. To learn more about Operation HOPE visit, follow our Twitter: @operationhope, and like us on Facebook: Operation HOPE.