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June 04 2014

Operation HOPE Mourns the Loss of Walter W. Jackson, II, Vice President of HOPE Inside Ebenezer

On May 31, 2014 Operation HOPE lost one of its greatest "Silver Rights" Soliders, Walter W. Jackson, II, Vice President of HOPE Inside Ebenezer.

Walter served as the founding vice president and director of the flagship HOPE Inside at Ebenezer, which now serves as the national flagship for the growing HOPE Inside Member Network.

Everything we are now doing and achieving at HOPE Inside locations both across Atlanta, and across the nation, are in many ways modeled after what Walter achieved in the first couple years at HOPE Inside at Ebenezer. His staff leads the nation in the number of people getting counseling through our Credit Management programs, participants in the 700 Credit Score Communities, Entrepreneurship Training Workshops, First time Homebuyer counseling and Cyber Cafe memberships. Under his leadership over 9,000 individuals walked through the doors of the Center from its opening in November 2012 - empowered, inspired, and with increased financial dignity.

Walter’s goal was to make HOPE Inside Ebenezer the community’s living room, a place where people could get together with government, community and business leaders. He accomplished this through HOPE Forums where he hosted notables from around the globe, The Chairman of the FDIC, the Comptroller of the Currency, the Director of the CFPB, the Director of FEMA, the Surgeon General, CEO's and Civic leaders alike all experienced the journey from Civil Rights to what we call SILVER Rights as only Walter could paint it.

Walter Jackson is a person who walked in his purpose of raising three excellent children and being there for his family and friends. He had the ability to make people better through his counsel and leadership. When he walked in a room his smile made your life brighter.

To see images of Walter Jackson please go here.

Below is an email sent by Operation HOPE Atlanta Market CEO James Bailey:

"Life takes us to unexpected brings us HOME"

How do you begin to pick up the pieces after a great loss? Suddenly and tragically Saturday evening Walter Jackson, Vice President of our Flagship HOPE Inside at the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, left this earth in body, but today was evidence that he remains with us in spirit.

Healing began today, a homecoming of sorts, what a beautiful thing to behold as current HOPE Atlanta team members, former employees, partners, past and present fellows and interns convened and communed at 101 "Jackson" Street, to pay tribute, to share stories, to reminisce and remember a great and humble servant leader. Laughter is good for the soul and powerful medicine, as we sat around and talked about old times, tears of sorrow became tears of joy. Memories that now will become legacy, today we started the process of moving forward.  

Walter Jackson's service, his passion, his impact will be remembered.  Today was evidence of how he touched each and every one of us deeply.  Our team is ready to continue his commitment to the community - to create a space where all are able to be inspired, learn with dignity and leave empowered.  

Walter lives on within all of us...he will be terribly missed. Deceased...yes - but not DECREASED - we will make you proud sir.  Rest well my dear brother, colleague and friend.

Walter W. Jackson, II

January 3, 1968 – May 31,2014

Funeral Services will be held at 11:00 a.m. at

Ebenezer Baptist Church

101 Jackson Street

Atlanta, GA 30312

(In the Sweet Auburn area of Atlanta)