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December 12 2013

Success of the 2013 Summit Seen Through the Efforts of the Working Groups

Banking the Unbanked and Making Finance Mobile were two popular event sessions

Atlanta – December 12, 2013 – As Operation HOPE examines the final results, outcomes and recommendations from the 2013 HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit, today the financial empowerment nonprofit reported that two well attended working group sessions, Banking the Unbanked and Making Finance Mobile, logged more than 220 criteria elements between the two groups, alone.    

Co-chaired by Co-Chair Eva Blum executive vice president, director, Community Affairs PNC Bank; Celie Niehaus managing vice president, Retail Bank chief compliance officer Capital One and The Honorable Oliver Wonekha Ambassador Embassy of the Republic of Uganda, the session, Banking the Underbanked focused on developing lasting solutions that address the needs of the many segments of the poor who live in unique circumstances and economic conditions. 

Another popular Working Group session, Making Finance Mobile, Co-chaired by Angela Albert vice president, human resources Comcast; Shawn Miles Senior vice president, group head, global public policy and regulatory strategy counsel MasterCard Worldwide; and Steve Bartlett strategic advisor Treliant Risk Advisors explored many ways of using mobile finance. Participants discussed emerging innovations in the digital mobile banking arena to determine the most effective approaches and strategies for global expansion. 

Overall the results, surveyed by Co-Vision, a company dedicated to making meetings effective, reported that 94% of attendees said that all the meeting goals were met. 

More than 1,300 delegates participated over the two-day event, attended by some of the most dynamic and influential financial industry professionals, government decision-makers and faith leaders from more than 25 states in the union, and 20 countries around the world.   

The HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit was held in partnership with the City of Atlanta and was moderated by Soledad O’Brien. It explored the topic “Global Economic Recovery: How The Poor Can Help Save Capitalism,” and framed the issue of financial inclusion, small business, entrepreneurship, jobs, and financial dignity as essential core ingredients to mid and long-term economic recovery and stability, here and abroad.  

The final results for the summit are set to be published first quarter of 2014 and will detail the recommendations and findings from the working groups and participants.