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America’s First Line of Response for Financial Recovery.

HOPE Coalition America is the only financial emergency preparedness and recovery service in the country. Through partnerships with industry leaders in a wide range of industries spanning banking, financial services, insurance, social and community services, we provide financial and economic assistance to those affected by natural disasters.

We renewed our partnership with FEMA to strengthen and expand the financial counseling resources available to help individuals and families prepare for disasters and recover in the shortest possible time. Services are available across the country and work to help people recover from disaster and BE PREPARED when disaster strikes.  

When a natural disaster occurs, organizations such as FEMA and the American Red Cross go to work immediately to address health, safety, and infrastructure problems. But financial issues affect far more people after a disaster than property damage or personal injury, which is where traditional national networks fall short.

Our counselors include full-time employees and volunteers from the banking, financial services and insurance industries. Through the HOPE Crisis Hotline and our on-site counseling centers, they help clients recover financially from natural disasters, and other emergencies.

We also provide pre-disaster preparedness planning. Download our free Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK) or Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide (PDPG) now—and find out how prepared you are.

Services we offer include:

  • Pre-disaster preparedness seminars.
  • Emergency budget counseling.
  • Emergency credit management.
  • Assistance communicating with your creditors.
  • Referrals to government and private agencies.
  • Assistance with obtaining copies of destroyed financial documents.
  • Insurance claims assistance.

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FEMA Assistance: Apply for financial assistance from the federal government.

Get Involved!

VolunteerOperation HOPE needs your expertise—now more than ever. Be part of a major disaster recovery effort by volunteering in one of the following areas:

  • National Financial Recovery Associates
  • Small Business Recovery Volunteer
  • Disaster-area Financial Recovery Associates
  • Disaster Financial Recovery Seminar Leaders

The HCA volunteer associates program allows companies in the financial services industry to provide an acceptable community service opportunity for employees.  We send quarterly reports of volunteer activity, including the number of volunteers from each organization.  To receive more information, please call or email Jason Yancey at 213-891-2900 or

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