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On January 22, 2008, standing alongside then-President George W. Bush, U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson and U.S. Treasurer Anna Cabral, Operation HOPE Founder, Chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant was named Vice-Chairman of the newly created bi-partisan President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy. 
“We have confidence in the long-term strength of America. And so should the American people. This is a flexible, this is a resilient, this is a dynamic economy, and the entrepreneurial spirit is high. We want people to own assets; we want people to be able to manage their assets. We want people to understand basic financial concepts, and how credit cards work and how credit scores affect you, how you can benefit from a savings account or a bank account. That's what we want. And this group of citizens has taken the lead, and I appreciate it," stated President Bush. The President announced that philanthropist Charles R. Schwab, chairman and CEO of the Charles Schwab Corporation, will serve as the Council's Chairman and Mr. Bryant as vice-chairman, and that he was thankful for their leadership. 
Operating under the guidance of the U.S. Treasury Department with the specific charge of keeping America competitive and assisting citizens in understanding and addressing financial matters, the 19-member council will focus exclusively on economic empowerment issues. A literal who's who of respected business, non-profit and faith-based industry leaders, the bi-partisan panel includes several distinguished individuals.