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September 01 2015

Operation HOPE Ramps Up for National Disaster Preparedness Month

This year, HOPE Coalition America is encouraging everyone to get prepared by taking the test at, joining a Lunch & Learn webinar and completing the Emergrency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK)

LOS ANGELES – September 1, 2015 – HOPE Coalition America (HCA), the emergency preparedness and financial recovery division of Operation HOPE, announced today that it will recognize National Preparedness Month this September by promoting the tools that help people prepare for disaster, including: a series of Lunch and Learn webinars, the (Disaster Financial Recovery Score) website, and the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK).

“Being financially prepared means more than planning for disasters. To ensure a strong financial future you must take a few simple steps now to make your money work for you in the long run, says HOPE Coalition America Director Oliver Bell. “This month we encourage everyone to join one of our lunchtime webinars, visit our website  or download our EFFAK to get financially prepared.”

The DFR Score website was created to help people assess their level of disaster readiness. Published in coordination with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the EFFAK is available in both Spanish and English and helps to identify important documents, medical records and household contracts. Once an individual has obtained their disaster financial recovery score, he or she can create a personal readiness plan and download an EFFAK to develop an action plan. 

HCA is also orchestrating a special series of Lunch and Learn webinars that will cover steps on how to get prepared. While the online meetings are open to everyone, HOPE is giving special priority to federal and government employees, as a way of giving back to civil servant workers and as part of the Combined Federal Campaign.

As a first-responder, HCA has joined such organizations as FEMA and the American Red Cross at natural disaster sites to address financial issues where traditional national networks fall short. Unique in its purpose, HCA is the only financial emergency preparedness and recovery service in the country. Partnerships with industry leaders, allows HCA to harness a wide range of financial industry, social and community service professionals to help individuals and families prepare for disaster, or recover from disaster in the shortest possible time.

More than 600,000 individuals and families have recovered from disasters with HCA's financial services, since its creation in 2001. In addition, it has distributed over 600,000 copies of the EFFAK and the Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide (PDPG), the EFFAK partner booklet, which provides step-by-step instructions for how to protect personal assets and financial information to reduce vulnerability after a disaster.

Parent company, Operation HOPE is rated a 4-star charity by highly regarded nonprofit evaluator, Charity Navigator. The organization is focused on financial dignity and empowerment. Since 1992 it has empowered more than 2.5 million individuals and directed more than $1.8 billion in private capital to America’s low-wealth communities. Currently, HOPE is focused on Project 5117, a multi-year initiative that will track and increase business role models for youth, boost credit scores for adults and empower underserved communities. To learn more about Operation HOPE, visit