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November 06 2012

Rwandan Secretary to the Treasury Kampeta Pitchette Sayinzoga to join Respected Global Financial Leaders in Summit Closing Session


We’re closing out the 2012 HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit (GFDS) with a global message about dollars, cents and “silver rights.” This week, we confirmed another globally recognized participant for our already remarkable closing plenary session at next week’s Summit. Rwanda’s Secretary to the Treasury Kampeta Pitchette Sayinzoga, who also serves as Director of the East African Development Bank, will add her perspective on the topic of international finance to her global counterparts next Thursday afternoon.   

Other confirmed participants for this plenary session, titled “Where Do We Go from Here,” include Executive Vice Chair of the Future World Foundation Sean Cleary and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Chairman and CEO Richard Ketchum. We’re committed to treating our delegates in Atlanta to two days of non-stop learning, understanding and empowerment and today’s news adds another important piece to our puzzle. 

As always, you can learn the latest news about the GFDS and the growing list of attending and participating dignitaries at