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October 23 2012

HOPE Officially Recognizes Volunteer Contributions at Washington D.C. Celebration

The Washington D.C. market celebrated HOPE’s 20th Anniversary, acknowledging the work and dedication of the local HOPE Corps volunteers and promoting additional opportunities for more volunteer involvement. Hosted by longtime partner and supporter Microsoft, the October event took place at the software giant’s impressive downtown Washington, .D.C. location.

E*TRADE Executive and Mid Atlantic Board Chair Celie Niehaus joined White House Deputy Director for Presidential Personnel Jonathan McBride joined Founder, CEO and Chairman John Hope Bryant, to recognize the efforts of HOPE Corps volunteers.

HOPE Corps is Operation HOPE’s nationwide network of volunteers, dedicated to promoting financial self-sufficiency and empowerment in the communities where it’s needed most. The trained members provide the financial literacy delivery system for the youth and adult programs.

These dedicated people serve at the vanguard of HOPE’s “silver rights” movement for financial literacy and economic justice.

E*TRADE, Microsoft, Capital One, BB&T and First American Corporation were the official sponsors of the event.  Anyone can be a HOPE Corps member - particularly volunteers with a background in finance or money management. To make a difference and be a hero in your community, visit