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How Success Gets Measured

The Gallup-HOPE Index showed that 91% of all youth were not afraid to take risks, 77% of all youth wanted to be their own boss, only 5% of all youth had a business internship, and 4% of all youth had a business now. 

Given that the Gallup-HOPE Index was based on a national scientific poll (3% margin of error), it is assumed and presumed at HOPE that the “business internship” number in the underserved communities that HOPE serves across the nation is much lower, and in some communities may be zero. 

The Gallup-HOPE Index focus on cities was born of a desire to bring the national Gallup-HOPE Index poll (3% margin of error) down to the level of a community census (with a zero % margin of error). 

Localized and working hand-in-hand with HOPE Business In A Box Academies, the Gallup-HOPE Index seeks to track, trend and measure a “doubling” of youth financial literacy and economic energy, and specifically a tripling of business internships and business role models.

2013 Pilot Results

To get involved with HOPE Business In A Box, contact Mary Kathryn (MK) Sagaria- Barritt.