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HOPE Corps is Operation HOPE’s nationwide network of volunteers, dedicated to promoting financial self-sufficiency and empowerment in the communities where it’s needed most. We’re always looking for compassionate, dedicated people to serve at the vanguard of our movement for financial literacy and economic justice.

You don’t need a background in finance or teaching. All you need is passion and enthusiasm--and some time to spare. Make a difference and be a hero in your community. The following programs are currently accepting volunteers:

Volunteer to help kids in low income communities develop financial literacy.

You don’t need a background in teaching or prior financial expertise. We provide in-depth training and a fun and engaging curriculum.

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   Help to reconnect the power of aspiration              with the power of education in our children's lives.

You will participate in a HBIABA training, either in-person, on the phone, or via webinar.

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 Share your financial expertise by phone with  someone who really needs it.

We train volunteers to provide disaster preparation and recovery counseling by phone and in-person seminars, and join disaster response teams on site.

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  Volunteer in one of our HOPE Centers in cities       across the U.S. and South Africa. 
Teach a class on financial management. Provide technical assistance in our Cyber Cafés. Or lend a hand with community outreach and events in your area.

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Our Current Volunteers

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