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Lionel Savage
Lionheart Consulting Group, LLC

Banking on Our Future-CE National Advisory Board Member Since: July 2014
Board Chairman

Lionel Savage is a senior-level Executive and President of Lionheart Consulting Group, with 25+ years of progressive experience in executive leadership and management consultation leading positive change to transition Fortune 500 companies towards world class standards in diverse, high precision environments. He has demonstrated success and energized operations facing the shadow of underperformance to grow and attain an increasingly competitive edge in global landscapes by instilling viable infrastructure, processes, capabilities, process changes/improvements, and a culture of improved performance. His successes can be measured from his ability to catapult struggling businesses to profit making units. As a foresighted business leader, he has synergized teams, assessed organizational cultures and recommended measures to enhance brand vision aligning strategic business initiatives with current legislation and regulatory changes.

Mr. Savage has provided clients with a unified corporate vision, and is a prime innovator of new products and unique business solutions. He is diversely experienced in recruitment networking, managing change, turnaround, and rapid business development. His ability to create key alliances is noted from his outstanding achievements in developing strategic partnerships with GSE’s, Federal Agencies, Lenders, Real Estate Companies, Community Development Organizations and Consumer Advocacy Groups to further the company’s objectives.

Lionel has provided exceptional advice and expertise in industry relations, helped companies mitigate business and reputation risk, and served as a catalyst to render client service excellence through expert analytical skills and keen business insights. While summarizing his achievements, it is noted that Lionel has introduced modern management practices, process discipline, and a customer’s perspective as primebusiness priorities while aligning sales, operations, talent, business capital, processes, and technology.

His executive level contributions have benefited other organizations to include board chairmanships at Social Compact; Archie Mae; Operation HOPE Mid-Atlantic; vice chairman of the National Asian American Coalition; Board of Governors of the National Hispanic Real Estate Professionals; and Board of Trustees From the Heart Church Ministries Inc.