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Nicole Jones
Assistant Vice President /Branch Manager
Iberia Bank

HOPE New Orleans Board Member: May 2014 - December 2016

Nicole Jones is the Retail Branch Manager at Iberia Bank Palmetto Office in New Orleans, Louisiana. She holds an extensive knowledge of banking policies with a progressive 9 years of professional experience in retail banking. Most recently she served at Regions Bank for 8 years from the position of Teller to Assistant Branch Manager. With her comprehensive knowledge of banking products, transactions and services she has the ability to solve financial and bank related issues leading up to her role of Assistant Vice President with Iberia Bank. She is a strong believer in proactive leadership by always "leading by example". She manages human capacity by being optimistic, compassionate, respectful, and approachable. In addition to banking she is also a visual artist and humanitarian. She has always enjoyed helping others and the beauty of art. Nicole attended Dillard University where she majored in Nursing with a minor in Fine Art. She has been a part of programs such as Y.A.Y.A. (Young Aspirations Young Artist) where her art work shined and was placed on display around the City of New Orleans.