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About HOPE South Africa

Since 1992, Operation HOPE has become the global leader in financial literacy and economic empowerment. Operation HOPE has served over 2 million individuals globally, and we believe that financial literacy is important because financial stability affects every aspect of our lives.

Operation HOPE expanded into South Africa in 2007 in partnership with Citibank, International Finance Corporation and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund who committed to invest US$1 million, to recruit, train and mobilize more than 250 local professional HOPE Corps volunteers in a new and innovative private/public partnership to teach 50,000 South African youth and young adults in financial literacy, dignity and entrepreneurship in South Africa. 

Within seven years, Operation HOPE surpassed its goals and as of March 2016, Operation HOPE South Africa has provided financial dignity programs that have touched over 65,000 people. Operation HOPE South Africa has offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, with most of its programs in Gauteng and the Western Cape. However, through a partnership with the Peace Corps of South Africa has been able to spread its programs to Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, and Northern Cape provinces.

Founding member of StarSaver™

In 2008, Operation HOPE was one of the founding partners of StarSaver™ along with the Banking Association of South Africa, the South Africa Savings Institute, Citibank, and the American Bankers Association Bankers Fund.

The main objective of the programme is to establish a culture of saving in children and to foster volunteerism in the banking industry and broader financial sector.

As of 2016, the programme has reached almost 1 million learners, and many more through programme integration, in over 3000 schools nationwide. 21 banks and 43 financial institutions participate in the Starsaver™ programme

Given the myriad of problems facing the world today, rarely is there a silver bullet solution like financial literacy and economic empowerment that has the ability to impact many of the problems families face today. HOPE believes that financial literacy can generate change, better finances can take the stress off of our relationships; while better economic understanding can give us access to higher-quality health care and higher education.