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From Civil Rights to Silver Rights.  With this mission and purpose, Operation HOPE, Inc. (HOPE) entered into a defining moment in history by collaborating with the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church to build the flagship HOPE Financial Dignity Empowerment Center (HOPE CENTER) as part of The Martin Luther King Sr. Community Resource Complex.  The first of its kind in partnership with a church, the HOPE Center is poised to accept the mantle of the “Poor People’s Campaign,” an initiative which returns us to the place where Dr. King’s legacy was interrupted by an assassins’ bullet with the sophistication of modern technology and the wisdom of a grass roots ground swell movement.

The intentionality of this location, partnership, and deep-rooted community entrenchment prepares the way for the HOPE Center to become the epicenter of our work for the newest chapter of the HOPE legacy, “the next 20 years."  The HOPE Center will provide the surrounding community with access to economic and financial literacy empowerment programs. With a multi-partner approach from both local finance companies, and community-based organizations, the HOPE Center will offer programming in the following areas:

  • Small business technical assistance:  Providing aspiring and existing entrepreneurs with one-on-one counseling and access to loans as well as training in community marketing and creating effective business plans.
  • Entrepreneurship Training: Providing aspiring entrepreneurs with a 12 week program to assist them in creating their business plans, marketing strategies and gaining access capital.
  • Cyber memberships: Providing access to Internet services at the Cyber Café, enabling youth and adults to take advantage of online and computer resources, including those devoted to the development of job skills.
  • Homeownership Case Management:  Offering workshops on money management, budgeting and credit score improvement, homeownership for first-time buyers and small business development.
  • Credit/Money Management Counseling: Providing individual and group counseling that will improve credit scores, lower consumer debt and establish credit.
  • Earned Income Tax Credits: Qualification and filing assistance to low wealth individuals and families.

The HOPE Center is the epicenter for coordinating outreach efforts to rural areas surrounding the metro-Atlanta region. Over time, the HOPE Center will implement monitoring and evaluation initiatives to assist the local community in improving their credit rating. The HOPE Center will also host a community empowerment series to further educate the local community, affectionately becoming the living room of the community.

101 Jackson St, NE
Atlanta, GA 30312

Monday - Friday:
10:00am - 6:00pm


Credit and Money Management
Small Business Development
Cyber Café


  1. Walter Dees, Jr.
    Financial Wellbeing Coach
  2. Ashley Manago
    Financial Wellbeing Coach
  3. Meghan Cook
    Financial Wellbeing Coach