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About the Gallup-HOPE Index

Operation HOPE and Gallup have partnered to create and promote the Gallup-HOPE Index to measure youth attitudes about entrepreneurship and financial literacy, to gain insight into how they envision their economic future, and to understand their level of participation in our nation’s economy. The goal of the Gallup-HOPE Index is to identify and empower the youth who will be our nation’s next generation of business builders, so communities can ignite and sustain long-term economic energy. It is an audacious but obtainable goal because research coupled with intentional strategies and intervention can turn this goal into reality: one student, one school, and one community at a time. 

America’s future depends more than ever on the success of our youth. Yet more than 1.2 million students drop out of high school each year, restricting themselves to a near certain lifetime of economic hardship and jeopardizing our nation’s competitiveness in the global economy. For America’s youth to have the opportunity to achieve financial success, they must first be empowered to navigate today’s economic complexities.

By gaining insight into how youth envision their economic future, we can inform interventions and education to eliminate the gaps that marginalize some students from full and meaningful participation in our nation’s economy. The Gallup-HOPE Index is a first-of-its-kind survey that sets a baseline around economic energy, telling a story about how we are failing to recognize and maximize entrepreneurial talent and aspiration in our nation’s youth. But the data also tell a story of hope, shining a light on the path that educators, policymakers, and community leaders must navigate to build and sustain thriving communities.