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President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability

On January 29, 2010, the President signed Executive Order 13530, creating the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability (“Council”) to assist the American people in understanding financial matters and making informed financial decisions, and thereby contribute to financial stability. It is composed of non-governmental representatives with relevant backgrounds, such as financial services, consumer protection, financial access, and education. The Council will suggest ways to coordinate and maximize the effectiveness of existing private and public sector efforts and identify new approaches to increase financial capability through financial education and financial access.

Advisory Council Key Themes

  1. Financial education should take its rightful place in American schools.
  2. We should build a financially capable workforce and retiree community, which is necessary for a stable and globally competitive economy.
  3. Americans should also learn the core concepts of personal finance at the heart of their lives— in their families and in their communities.


Council Members