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Operation HOPE Fellows and Interns come from various backgrounds and thus bring with them unique perspectives and a plethora of creative ideas. HOPE Fellows and Interns are talented, self-motivate individuals committed to global economic and social justice. Our Fellows and Interns work hard with their manager on a specific HOPE project throughout their tenure at HOPE. Below are stories from our current HOPE Fellows and Interns describing their projects and time at HOPE.

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Youth Empowerment Group Program Manager Jessica Washington Celebrates One Year at HOPE

The HOPE Blog - 851 days ago
It's been a year for me at Operation HOPE. There are so many memories to reflect on. I have never experienced so much growth in such a short time, except when I was carrying my four children in the womb. It all started when my son, an intern in the HOPE Inside Ebenezer Cyber Cafe, told me about the Entrepreneur Training Program. "Mom" he said, "this guy Darrick is teaching folks everything they ne [...] more

Introducing HOPE’s New Communications Fellow Christian Vann

The HOPE Blog - 862 days ago
The opportunity to work with Operation HOPE as a Communications Fellow is a welcomed opportunity for me. I believe that as a HOPE Fellow, I will be able to contribute to the forward progress of The "Silver Rights" Movement. [...] more

Introducing HOPE’s New HOPE Business in a Box/Casey Fellow Michael Shackel

The HOPE Blog - 862 days ago
I joined the team at Operation HOPE for three main reasons. First, I believe deeply that economic justice will help us create a better society, and Operation HOPE does the important work of helping to correct economic injustice. Second, a colleague and friend completed a fellowship with the organization last year and spoke highly of the experience. Third, I am excited by the opportunity to learn [...] more