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HOPE Fellows are graduate students or upper-level undergraduate students with an interest in aiding a HOPE manager in a specialized project over the course of the year. HOPE Fellows will have a minimum 3.0 GPA and be enrolled in a course of study that aligns with the work of the department with which they work. The HOPE Fellows Program recruits and prepares high-quality, dedicated individuals to become advocates of financial dignity and empowerment. HOPE is committed to providing fellows with a unique experience through exciting leadership development programs and meaningful mentoring from our dynamic executives.

HOPE Fellows come from an array of educational backgrounds. HOPE has had students and recent graduates work in an array of fields within our organization, including accounting, information technology, social media and program coordination, plus many more.

Besides valuable work experience, the HOPE FILE program also offers professional development opportunities for both Fellows and Interns. By bringing in outside speakers to share their experience, wisdom and expertise, FILE offers a chance for students to learn from, and network with, seasoned professionals. Fellows are always encouraged to attend HOPE events, network with HOPE staff and explore different opportunities within the organization and outside of their assigned HOPE Fellowship. In this way, HOPE actively seeks to hone the unique skills and abilities of each participant through training, mentorship, and hands-on experience.

“FILE allows young professionals to explore their skills, and work in leadership roles with real responsibility.” – Whitney Robinson, Summer 2012 Fellow, Los Angeles

“As a new Fellow to the Operation HOPE family, I have experienced nothing but excellence.”- Neia Omer, HOPE Forums Fellow, Atlanta

“I am enjoying the team work, and learning from my colleagues.” – Nandipha Breakfast, HOPE Fellow, South Africa

Watch Edward Minta, Office of the Chairman Fellow, share his enthusiasm for the silver rights movement. As a side project for the Fellowship program, ‘Eddie’ created this video in the fall of 2013.