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Operation HOPE announces the creation of the HOPE Faculty Fellowship Program (HFFP). Furthering the goals of HOPE’s Fellows, Interns and Loaned Executives (FILE) Portfolio, HOPE seeks to expand the influence of thoughtful leaders on its programs. The mission of the HFFP is to provide professional development opportunities for academicians in their areas of expertise, including but not limited to leadership, finance, entrepreneurship/small business and public policy, through exposure and participation in the work of the Operation HOPE organization and its CEO and Founder, John Hope Bryant.  Participation in the HFFP affords higher education faculty an opportunity to receive first-hand experiences in critical areas that affect the life and liberty of diverse populations throughout our global society, namely financial literacy, free enterprise and capitalism.  Faculty Fellows will also provide HOPE with critical analyses of HOPE programs, suggestions for improvement, and scholarly work that will advance or improve current HOPE portfolios.

Through HFFP, faculty experts in their scholarship, research, and service fields will have unprecedented access to thought leaders, business executives, government officials and other high-ranking global decision makers through participation in conferences, seminars, think tanks, and networking events. HOPE Faculty Fellows will be able to attend board meetings, interview board members, and participate in meetings and conferences. From these exposures, the HOPE Faculty Fellows can pursue advanced research that is of specific value to HOPE, and of interest to other business scholars, practitioners, and/or general audiences.  HOPE Faculty Fellows are encouraged to produce journal articles, monographs, books, digital materials, or other scholarly resources. Faculty Fellows commit three years to HOPE and receive a $1,000 stipend per year. HFFP targets for selection faculty:

* that seek to promote an ideological point of view of fairness, justice and equality for all

* that advocate an economic parity program of social action

* that support holding political, legal and social systems responsible for delivery of appropriate services to all strata of their populations

* who are at the research stage for doctoral dissertations, books, and/or scholarly articles in the area of economic empowerment