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Welcome to Denver!

Operation HOPE, Inc. has been “Empowering Denver’s Next Generation” since 2006. Focused on harnessing the economic energy of youth, the Mile High City is a leader in the America 2020 initiative.  

America/Denver 2020 is inclusive of the Operation HOPE Gallup HOPE Index, HOPE’s award-winning financial literacy course Banking on Our Future, and the HOPE Business In A Box (HBIAB) entrepreneurship program. The goal of these interventions is to connect education to opportunity and to aspire and empower youth who will be our nation’s next generation of job creators and business builders, so communities can ignite and sustain long-term economic energy. 

HOPE is pleased to work in close partnership with Denver Public Schools to bring HOPE Business In A Box into classrooms throughout the city. This effort is fueled by HOPE Corps volunteers, trained professionals in the community, instruct students in the schools and community based organizations to understand the basics of personal financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work one on one as business role models.