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Six Ways to Raise and Nurture a Young Entrepreneur

John Hope Bryant Blog - 24 hours ago
Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 1.38.37 PM
OCTOBER 21, 2014 Children are natural-born entrepreneurs. When they’re toddlers, they make homemade mud pies and “sell” them to Mom or Dad. As they get older, they start to understand that adults will pay them small amounts of real money... [...] more

What A Business Mentor and Mentee Looks Like

John Hope Bryant Blog - 9 days ago
My friend Jim Clifton, chairman and CEO of the Gallup Organization, knows what a proper business mentoring relationship looks like, and his mentee, young AJ has responded accordingly, by rising to the occassion. Mr. Clifton, who is far from non-busy,... [...] more

Tara Dennis Promoted to Atlanta District Manager for Operation HOPE

John Hope Bryant Blog - 10 days ago
Tara Dennis 9
Operation HOPE is pleased and excited to announce the promotion of Tara Dennis to Atlanta District Manager for Operation HOPE. In this newly created position, she will have oversight and cross-training responsibilities for the youth, adult and emergency operations workforce... [...] more

The Department of Justice and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Grants Operation HOPE $1,000,000 for Youth Empowerment Programs

John Hope Bryant Blog - 11 days ago
Award furthers nonprofit's national initiative, to empower underserved communities by teaching financial empowerment to youth and adults by 2020, Project 5117 LOS ANGELES – September 29, 2014 – Financial empowerment nonprofit Operation HOPE announced today, a $1,000,000 award from The... [...] more

Money Management and Entrepreneurship Education Are Key in Sparking Entrepreneurship in Children

John Hope Bryant Blog - 22 days ago
By Natasha Eldridge The world and economy has now reached a point when a $100,000 student loan from a prestigious college will get you a position as the top intern at a major firm. Let's turn this furture around and... [...] more

Dr. Boyce Watkins and John Hope Bryant on "The Memo," and "How The Poor Can Save Capitalism"

John Hope Bryant Blog - 22 days ago
John Hope Bryant is the CEO of Operation HOPE. In this conversation, Bryant and Dr. Watkins discuss the legacy of civil rights in the black community. According to Bryant, African Americans are missing the point on how wealth building occurs... [...] more

More Than 1,300 Commitments Made in Support of Project 5117

John Hope Bryant Blog - 23 days ago
By Natasha Eldridge Operation HOPE is excited to see the growth in the commitments for our Project 5117 initiative. To date, we have a total of 1,318 commitments made in support of teaching financial dignity in underserved and unbanked communities.... [...] more

New Book #1 Today on Amazon for Government Social Policy!

John Hope Bryant Blog - 27 days ago
Today, thanks to KQED-FM and the Commonwealth Club (in San Francisco), my new book is now the #1 bestseller in the nation for Government Social Policy on Thank you to the team at the Commonwealth Club, and my friend... [...] more

HOPE Business In A Box Entrepreneurs: J & A Hats Brings The Bay All Day to the Public

John Hope Bryant Blog - 28 days ago
By Natasha Eldridge What's cooler than Late Night Snack ice cream from Ben and Jerry's? Entreprenuers of course. Not just any entrepreneurs, we are talking about middle-schoolers making their mark in the world. Jamal White and Anthony Mata started their... [...] more

From LinkedIn Influencers: If Bill Gates Were Black...

John Hope Bryant Blog - 56 days ago
If Bill Gates were black, it would be less important that President Barack Obama is black. This is no slight to President Obama. It is an acknowledgment that while the route to success has changed, for too many in the... [...] more

Operation HOPE Oakland brings on HBIABA Fellow Rebecca Blanco

The HOPE Blog - 73 days ago
Considering my background in fashion public relations and marketing, my move into a HOPE Business-In-A-Box Academy fellowship might seem a bit disjointed. However, it serves to bridge two of my greatest passions: business and community service. [...] more

Operation HOPE Announces Winners of Executive Preparatory Academy of Finance HOPE Business in a Box Competition

The HOPE Blog - 79 days ago
On Tuesday, May 6 2014, at Executive Preparatory Academy of Finance in Hawthorne, California, eighteen brave ninth graders took to the stage and pitched their business ideas to a panel of judges, made up of community members, bankers, and executives. Thanks to Popular Community Bank and especially Vernon Aguirre, (California Region Executive for Popular Community Bank) for his instrumental help to [...] more