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3 School-Wide Pitch Competitions Mark The Success Of HOPE Business In A Box Academies In Los Angeles

The HOPE Blog - 628 days ago
After months of hard work invested by teachers, students and volunteers, we finally reached the end of the race: Our HOPE Business In A Box Academy Pitch Competition. Youth Empowerment Group Fellow, Kandice Hulguin, had the honor of overseeing three Los Angeles schools during the competitions; Rio Hondo K-8 School, Roybal Learning Center, and Nightingale Middle School. Each school brought its own [...] more

Youth Empowerment Group Gives HOPE To Students At STEM Wars Event In Atlanta

The HOPE Blog - 667 days ago
The Atlanta Youth Empowerment Group had an amazing afternoon today at the Stem Wars event in Atlanta, Georgia! This event featured over 100 businesses and 1,000 students in attendance, and the main goal of this event was to encourage innovation and technology. Many STEM students have entrepreneurial spirits, as they often have to think of ways to market and brand their innovations, such as smartph [...] more

Atlanta Youth Empowerment Group Launches It’s First Pitch Competition At Berean Christian Academy

The HOPE Blog - 680 days ago
Today, the Atlanta Youth Empowerment Group launched it's first pitch competition at Berean Christian Academy! This private school, located in Stone Mountain, Georgia, had a total of 11 student businesses pitch in front of our judges this afternoon! [...] more

If You Teach Them They Will Grow: Operation HOPE Gathers Student Entrepreneurs For HOPE Business In A Box Academies

The HOPE Blog - 685 days ago
Today, while most kids in Atlanta were counting down to Spring Break, our HOPE Business In A Box Academy youth entrepreneurs were in a business meeting. Students from six area schools met at HOPE Inside Ebenezer; accompanied by their instructors, school administrators, and Operation HOPE Business Role Models. In total, we hosted over 60 guests from Atlanta including: [...] more

Stories Of HOPE: Banking On Our Future At Scott Elementary School In Atlanta

The HOPE Blog - 688 days ago
Ms. Eldridge is a STAR volunteer of HOPE Corps in Atlanta, Georgia! She has taught Banking on Our Future programming to students over ten times, but she didn't stop there! She also taught a HOPE Business in a Box Academy at McNair Middle School, where a total of 11 student businesses pitched their ideas! [...] more

HOPE Inside Los Angeles Spends A Day With Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority

The HOPE Blog - 693 days ago
The Los Angeles Youth Empowerment team took a stroll down to south Los Angeles to support Sigma Gamma Rho's 2016 Annual Youth Symposium. We were invited to teach a group of students ranging from elementary to high school the basics of budgeting, savings, and examining a pay stub. [...] more

HOPE Inside Oakland Doubles Business Role Model Involvement In HOPE Business In A Box Academies

The HOPE Blog - 694 days ago
Our Business Role Model (BRM) phase for these 6th graders in Oakland began in March. This year, our goal is to increase Business Role Model involvement so that each HOPE Business In A Box Academy start up company will have the individual support necessary to develop their business concepts. [...] more

Operation HOPE Drives Youth Empowerment For Global Money Week

The HOPE Blog - 705 days ago
Operation HOPE's Youth Empowerment Division is educating more than 3,250 students around the United States and South Africa this week in conjunction with Global Money Week! We're sharing stories on our blog highlighting HOPE's achievement in youth empowerment. [...] more

HOPE In Action: HOPE Business In A Box Academy Students Take Center Stage At The 2016 Hope Global Forum

The HOPE Blog - 712 days ago
HOPE Inside Denver's young entrepreneurs have been rocking and rolling this year! Student entrepreneurs and owners of Mile in Style, Jamie and Miguel, represented Denver, Colorado at the 2016 HOPE Global Forum. They competed in the Forum's HOPE Business In A Box pitch competition in front of a packed audience and three very prestigious judges. [...] more

Banking On Our Future: Julian Nava Learning Academy Visits First Republic Bank

The HOPE Blog - 714 days ago
On a cool winter day in downtown Los Angeles, an 8th grade class from Julian Nava Learning Academy visited First Republic Bank. The class had just completed Banking on our Future curriculum, so the visit allowed them to see a leading financial institution in action! This unique opportunity was made possible by Operation HOPE’s Youth Empowerment Group. [...] more

Students Shine At Operation HOPE Business In A Box Academy At Price Middle School In Atlanta

The HOPE Blog - 718 days ago
Wow! The Atlanta Youth Empowerment Group has officially tied our record number of student pitches. Price Middle School in Atlanta, GA had a total of 13 businesses pitch this afternoon; 6 of which are moving on to the next phase of completing their business plans with our Business Role Models. [...] more

Volunteer Spotlight: Latoyia Booth Shares Her Experience As An Operation HOPE Business Role Model

The HOPE Blog - 750 days ago
Operation HOPE Youth Empowerment Program Manager, Jessica Washington, had the opportunity to work with her childhood friend and Business Role Model, Latoyia Booth. In preparation for the 2016 Hope Global Forum Pitch Competition, Latoyia Booth took on the role of Alexia's Business Role Model. Their partnership was pure dynamite! Below, Latoyia Booth shares her testament of how investing in others h [...] more