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Volunteer Spotlight: Latoyia Booth Shares Her Experience As An Operation HOPE Business Role Model

The HOPE Blog - 8 days ago
Operation HOPE Youth Empowerment Program Manager, Jessica Washington, had the opportunity to work with her childhood friend and Business Role Model, Latoyia Booth. In preparation for the 2016 Hope Global Forum Pitch Competition, Latoyia Booth took on the role of Alexia's Business Role Model. Their partnership was pure dynamite! Below, Latoyia Booth shares her testament of how investing in others h [...] more

Red Velvet Express Celebrates Success Thanks To Operation HOPE Business In A Box

The HOPE Blog - 15 days ago
Red Velvet Express is a red velvet waffle business formed through the Bay Area Operation HOPE Business In A Box program at St. Leo Middle School. Over the holiday season, Red Velvet Express shared a few of their successful business ventures, including what they learned through running their own businesses. [...] more

HOPE Global Forum Highlights: An Exclusive Recap Of The 2016 Annual Meeting

The HOPE Blog - 21 days ago
More than 3200 Delegates from over 30 countries and continents joined Operation HOPE in Atlanta on January 13th-15th for the 2016 HOPE Global Forum in Atlanta, Georgia. Delegates included 20 U.S. federal government agencies, and 11 U.S. Cabinet and Sub-Cabinet Members from the finance, philanthropy, entertainment, business, and civic leadership industries whom engaged in critical dialogue centere [...] more

A Look Back At 2015: Operation HOPE Creates Opportunities For Youth Entrepreneurs

The HOPE Blog - 36 days ago
On any given day throughout the year, HOPE's Youth Empowerment Group is presenting financial literacy to students across the globe. This year, HOPE Inside Atlanta has launched several new initiatives in addition to Banking On Our Future and HOPE Business In A Box Academies. [...] more

Atlanta Students Impress Judges At Operation HOPE Business In A Box Pitch Competitions

The HOPE Blog - 60 days ago
The Atlanta Youth Empowerment Group has officially met the half-way mark of our HOPE Business in a Box Pitch Competitions, with the successful completion of 4 out of 7 pitch events this semester! As of today, we have only three competitions left: Meadowcreek High School, Fulton Leadership Academy, and New Manchester High School. [...] more

Time To Shine: Operation HOPE Sends Two Young Entrepreneurs To HOPE Global Forum

The HOPE Blog - 62 days ago
We are so excited to highlight two of our young entrepreneurs from the Denver Market at the upcoming HOPE Global Forum. Jaime and Miguel are students from Career Education Center, where HOPE Business in a Box Academies have flourished over the past few years. These students are very proud Coloradans and their business idea is a true reflection of that. [...] more

Money Monday: HOPE Partners With Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas To Teach Students Financial Literacy

The HOPE Blog - 71 days ago
Have you ever wondered where the money goes when the grey, heavy-duty armored trucks pull up to the bank? [...] more

HOPE Business In A Box Academies Hit Orange County

The HOPE Blog - 83 days ago
This 2015-2016 academic year marks our first ever HOPE Business In A Box Academies in Orange County. We are very happy to announce that our very first cohort will be at Westminster High School with Ms. Moore’s 10th grade classes. [...] more

Totally Crazy About Wholly Craze: HOPE’s Business in a Box Academy Pitch Competition Winner Launches New Start Up

The HOPE Blog - 95 days ago
Jackie Rodriguez is Denver's up-and-coming fashionista phenomenon at only 17-years old! Earlier this year, Mondo Guerra and Tim Gunn from Project Runway chose her as the citywide up-cycling fashion competition winner during Goodwill's En Vogue event. This award came complete with a mentorship from Mondo, Project Runway All Star's Season 1 winner. Turns out fashion is not Jackie's only talent. She' [...] more

HOPE Business in a Box Academies Atlanta Launches More Successful Student Businesses

The HOPE Blog - 103 days ago
HOPE Business in A Box Academies (HBIAB) youth entrepreneurship training has impacted thousand's of lives. The Atlanta market has been fortunate to work with some of the most innovative students. Our entrepreneurs have created a large array of businesses, based on the needs of their community, including: The Mobile Mini Mart, Mic's Jewelry, Miniature Chefs Culinary Parties, and E-Z Party Packs to [...] more

Introducing HOPE’s New HOPE Business in a Box/ Casey Fellow Kandice Hulguin

The HOPE Blog - 118 days ago
Operation HOPE is a great organization that is I can see is making a difference in society today. As a HOPE Business In A Box (HBIAB) Fellow, I am excited to become a part of this movement of bringing economic and financial equality to everyone from all walks of life. I am blessed by the opportunity to work alongside others who aim to serve those that are circumstantially in positions of disadvant [...] more

Introducing HOPE’s New HOPE Business in a Box/Casey Fellow Michael Shackel

The HOPE Blog - 123 days ago
I joined the team at Operation HOPE for three main reasons. First, I believe deeply that economic justice will help us create a better society, and Operation HOPE does the important work of helping to correct economic injustice. Second, a colleague and friend completed a fellowship with the organization last year and spoke highly of the experience. Third, I am excited by the opportunity to learn [...] more