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The Wikia-Operation HOPE Global Money Initiative (, led by Wikipedia and Wikia founder Jimmy Wales and Operation HOPE founder John Hope Bryant, both YGLs within the Forum of Young Global Leaders and the World Economic Forum, seeks to provide the poor and under-served around the world over with a first-ever empowerment resource: a free global and fully downloadable financial literacy (language of money) curriculum.  

Global Money’s partnership with Wikia, allows the curriculum to be available and in a format that can be translated globally through Wikia’s online collaborative publishing platform. Free to the public and made available online and on a non-commercial basis through a "commons" license, Global Money expects to be made available in the next 18 months in the world’s top 50 languages.
Through the leadership and insight of, Karim Hajji, CEO of the Casablanca Stock Exchange (CSE), Morocco has become our first country partner.  Executives at the CSE have taken the financial literacy curriculum and translated it into French and Arabic and contextualized it for the local Moroccan population. CSE and HOPE have entered into a unique Country Partnership and agree to work together to inspire and recruit local volunteers to bring it to local communities. Their example will serve as a template for other community leaders to replicate the model in countries worldwide.
For more information about becoming a country partner, please contact