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Our Core Programs and Initiatives

Banking on Our Future

Free financial literacy empowerment programs for youth ages 8-24, teaching empowerment, responsibility, and hope.
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The Gallup-HOPE Index

A financial literacy index quantifying the link between hope, well-being, engagement, and financial literacy made with our partner, Gallup.
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HOPE Coalition America

Emergency preparedness and recovery services provided by our employees and expert volunteers in banking, insurance, and finance.
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HOPE Global Initiatives

We encourage volunteers worldwide to help improve the quality of life in developing countries through economic empowerment.
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Operation HOPE Fellowship and Internship Program

The Operation HOPE Fellowship and Internship Program works to empower and develop the next generation of leaders to pursue careers that will create global economic and social justice.
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Project 5117

Continuing the poverty eradication work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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America 2020

A campaign to crush the high school dropout rate through entrepreneurship.
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HOPE Corps

Our worldwide volunteer base, bringing hope and financial empowerment throughout the world.
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5 Million Kids Initiative

The 5MK Initiative seeks to bring financial literacy and positive role models to five million kids across the country.
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HOPE Business in a Box Academies

An initiative to help youth start, fund and operate small business and entrepreneurial endeavors.
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700 Credit Score Communities

An initiative to move credit scores to 650 or higher for our clients and their communities.
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Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline

MHCH provides free assistance for those experiencing mortgage difficulties.
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HOPE Coalition

The international disaster division of Operation HOPE.
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